Ruth was born in Vancouver but has lived much of her life in California where she graduated with her degree in art from the University of California. She taught art for several years after which further studies in Psychology and Special Education led to post Graduate work with adolescents with learning disabilities and behaviour problems.

Ruth has painted most of her life alongside teaching and having her own design and development businesses.

Over the past years she has returned to painting on a more full time basis and works out of her studio in West Vancouver.

Artist’s Statement

My work is in constant exploration of different directions of achieving the basics of light, form and depth while also looking for ways to improvise and find freedom in the dynamics of the unpredictable. Working with acrylics and incorporating mixed media techniques, the style is semi-abstract.

I look for and am inspired by the surprises and imperfections of spontaneous strokes and drips that direct and re-direct as the image begins to develop. I try to find a freedom in the unpredictable and acceptance of the imperfect.

In the end the goal is always to conquer the chaos and find a balance, beauty and harmony.